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From Design and Advertising to Construction and Real Estate, 3D Media has been changing how professionals communicate with the public and their clients. Today, 3D modeling and rendering is becoming more common in everyday work.

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Architectural Visualization
Urban Render | Architectural Visualization | feniks lab
Architects, builders and developers need to communicate their vision and designs through high-quality architectural renderings, architectural scale models.

Being able to witness a project take shape before its completion wins clients from the beginning. Until you have a solid model, your ideas are intangible, but when your clients understand your vision with a 3D illustration they can grasp, they come on board from the very beginning.

Whether you require conceptual renderings to serve as a preview of your design or you need to show precisely what a project will look like based on a final design incorporating proper materials and detailed landscaping, feniks lab can help you.

Because we offer a wide range of computer generated rendering styles, you can rely on us to provide the rendering techniques that best fit your project, the stage of your development and your time and budget.

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Real Estate Visualization
Selling homes and developments off the plans is an ever growing challenge and without 3D visualization is an even harder prospect. 3D visualization is not a new technology, however improvements in technology have made the service more available and more affordable for developers, estate agents and even the home builder.

Real estate rendering takes static two dimensional plans and create a dynamic product that not only assists in sales but also the design process. The ability to identify design mistakes through the perspectives of 3D renders and modeling provides an invaluable tool to all involved in catching problems early in the process and make important decisions that could save thousands. In addition 3D renders illustrate colors, finishes and materials before they are purchased and included in your home, apartment or building. Again, identifying design elements that do not fit well allow taking the appropriate decisions to quickly rectify these potentially costly mistakes.

feniks lab can help you stand out through compelling, photo realistic images to generate interest from potential user groups, in the view of garnering public support for a project, raising capital, advertising and much more.

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Ambiance Visualization
Commercial and residential projects often require visualisations of the interior and exterior of a building. If you are interior designer, lighting designer, shop fitter, property developer, hotel chain or architect, feniks lab can model, light and texture a scene and render out the desired visuals from drawings, floor plans, furniture requirements, mood boards and any other information you provide.

feniks lab can create multilight visualizations to effectively convey different ambiance lighting, showing light entering a space at different hours of the day and artificial lighting being turned on, offering photo-realistic images for marketing before anything has been built and decorated.

For existing interiors, 3D visualization offers excellent possibilities of simulating any lighting condition at anytime of day or year and in any location in the world. From existing 3D model data feniks lab can create additional visuals on demand, for less expense than commissioning a photographer to do the same task.

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Product Visualization
Product rendering and visualization is an affordable technology for quickly and realistically depicting products visually. When a product, program, or concept is still in its early stages, 3D modeling and visualization are used to create a compelling imagery to tell the story.

Photo-realistic images can be created from sketches, photos, sample drawing or CAD formats. CAD systems depict data exactly, but the images they generate generally do not look very “real”. A photorealistic rendering program mathematically calculates real world governing physical equations of light transport. If you are a product designer, feniks lab can help you capitalize visually on this aspect.

Today, 3D product rendering services can be tailored to the needs of nearly any organization in a number of ways, and can also have some specific, measurable effects on a company’s growth.

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