feniks lab viz is a multi-disciplinary 3D production practice specializing in professional high quality 3d visualization, simulations and rendering. Our services encompass graphic design, 3D modeling, 3D illustrations, 3D architectural and engineering visualization, as well as 3D scripting and software development.

Let us regenerate your vision!

Power of Imagination
3D renderings present a visual representation of your project before it is completed. Using 3D solutions helps you visualize people actually using your spaces and provides a solid presentation platform that best represents your true-to-life design vision.
Power of Flexibility
You can identify and rectify design weaknesses that might occur during the design phase. For example, 3D solutions for interior design allow to better visualize finishes and how people interact with spaces, lighting and flow.
Power of Persuasion
3D models open limitless possibilities for walkthroughs and virtual tours which can add value to your operational, marketing or creative needs. 3D can be an incredible medium if you need to train, convince or persuade someone.
Power of Communication
You can improve coordination among architects, engineers and contractors while minimizing time and confusion by simulating your proposal within a virtual space.